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Australia’s Leading Food Addiction and Weight Loss Coach

I’m a leading food addiction and weight loss coach who helps women 30 and over retrain their brain to make healthier food choices whilst gaining self control and discipline towards sugar laden and unhealthy food products.

I’ve worked in the fitness & education industry for over 18 years and also specialise as a Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner and Coach. My business is committed to helping women feel comfortable in their bodies when it comes to body image and provide them with lifelong tools and resources to overcome negative habits and behaviours.

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“ The more we know, the better we can do! ”

– NLP Presupposition

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Well done Aquamotion!   What a fantastic two weeks of Aqua classes with such a professional trainer as Rosemary.

Each session was extremely well prepared and enabled the participants to engage not only in
a wide range, of varied exercises but also some brain activity!! The sessions were great fun and one left the pool feeling invigorated.
If possible please could we have more sessions by Rosemary.

Rosalie Waldron

Rosemary Dugan from the Beauty Department now offers sessions to current students to develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence and through doing so she is inspiring motivation and a belief in their ability to learn and achieve their goals.

Student responses have been positive in regard to active engagement and participation, self-reflection and re prioritisation of their lives, attitudes and shared values. Positive and resilient behaviours have been noted to be evolving in students within these cohorts.

Judith Peters

I was expecting feelings of calmness and relaxation. It was definitely that and so much more. I have had difficulty with this testimonial in the sense that it is hard to describe in words. Reiki with Rosemary is something you need to experience for yourself. Her kind compassionate and patient nature enables her to be the perfect vehicle to allow me to tune in to my true self and know that my future is in my hands and I can create the life that I have imagined. I am excited for anyone that come across Rosemary’s path and wish her every success with her mission to assist others.

Thank you Rosemary

Gillian Wilson

I had my first session of Reiki with Rosemary and Rosemary was very welcoming, professional, and the environment was set up to create a relaxing, peaceful ambience. Rosemary explained the whole process to me prior to starting the treatment and most importantly debriefed with me about how the reiki session went and I found this to be very beneficial.

I would highly recommend Reiki to anyone that requires a relaxing and peaceful treatment to destress and purely just for rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. Rosemary thank you for showing compassion and being understanding of my situation and putting me at ease prior to my first Reiki Session.

Kathryn Schache

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