Rosemary Dugan

Director of Synchronised Body Solutions

Hi and Welcome to my story!

Trained in all aspects of dance and entertainment, I played a significant role in the Entertainment Industry on both the National and International circuit and was highly respected for my professionalism, passion, creativity and talent which I now bring to my business -Synchronised Body Solutions.  

Coming from a background of professional dance and modelling and constantly being in the spotlight; brought with it constant monitoring, judgement and criticism. For a majority of my professional life in the entertainment industry I was pressured, humiliated and drawn over the coals continually to lose weight and become what was considered the ideal image. It was a time of  dejection, disempowerment and worthlessness because I did not fit into what was considered the ideal image of a dancer.

My self-confidence and self-esteem plummeted, my fear of eating developed and my self-worth took a battering. I focused exclusively on my external appearance and diet. Constant anxiety about food took over, pushing me into a cycle of yoyo dieting and eating disorders. I felt I was not worthy of being accepted.  My weight became my identity.

During my years as a fitness professional I found that emphasis was also solely on weight loss, outer appearance, and once again I found myself back at square one, living up to someone else’s expectations. People looked healthy on the outside but at the expense of their health on the inside.

Discovering Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching gave me a new lease in life and helped me gain back my self-esteem, self-worth and control of my life. This is the exclusive service I now bring to my clients.

I teach my clients to partake in exercise for its physiological and functional benefits which produce longevity and wellbeing. Partnered up with my mindset training my clients become stronger emotionally and mentally.

We focus on decreasing stress, building body awareness, self-acceptance, removing emotional pain, connecting to self and enjoying the process. We learn to eat healthy, nutritious food to nurture our bodies but still get to enjoy the occasional treat. We’re done with feelings of guilt, keeping up with unrealistic goals and other people’s expectations. We connect to our self worth and discover our true essence. We don’t want to be Instagram models, we just want to embrace ourselves and our bodies experiences whilst opening our minds to living life as authentic women – not in the constant shadow of outward appearances.

This is the backbone of Synchronised Body Solutions. This is true health, wellness and balance. This is true freedom.

If you crave this freedom to discover your true self with no more restrictions, doubt or emotional and mental barriers; join my FB group where we lift each other up, invite positivity, balance, laughter and peace into our lives and get on with being our unique and beautiful selves.

What our clients say about us

Rosemary Dugan from the Fitness & Beauty Department now offers sessions to current students to develop their self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence and through doing so she is inspiring motivation and a belief in their ability to learn and achieve their goals.


Student responses have been positive in regard to active engagement and participation, self-reflection and re-prioritisation of their lives, attitudes and shared values. Positive and resilient behaviours have been noted to be evolving in students within these cohorts.

Judith Peters

Director of Health Services