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Do you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar when you are stressed only to then feel terrible afterwards?

Do you feel like you need to stop eating junk when you feel down or hurt, but you just can’t stop and you aren’t sure why?

Get instant access to your 11 Page Emotional Eating Work Book as well as my 1:1 support in the Private Facebook Group.

I’ve been exactly where you are – most people have. And I get it.

My life as a professional dancer in my late teens and early twenties began my unhealthy relationship with food. Not ever having to worry about my weight or what I ate I was suddenly in a world of being told to constantly drop kilos, watch what I ate and humiliated in company. Not being nutritionally experienced at the tender age of eighteen, I started to listen to unqualified advice from other colleagues and how they coped with weight management. Some of these coping mechanisms were taking up smoking…. (great huh?), resorting to diet pills and laxatives. Herein began my entry into an eating disorder.

Being under constant watch and pressure of being weighed weekly led to an unhealthy perspective of food. Food became something to fear rather than enjoy and consequently the stress took its toll in the form of low self-esteem, depression and the occasional food binge. My weight went up and down like a yo-yo for a long time, until I resorted to cutting out major food groups for good and stuck to a very restrictive eating pattern.

Thankfully long after leaving my profession, I entered the Health & Fitness Industry where nutritional education became my focus. This changed my entire outlook on food. I’ve since studied Advanced Nutrition & Coaching in many accredited courses.

Imagine what it would be like saying “NO” to your emotional eating the next time you go through a tough time or feel stressed.

This is a 15 Day Program specifically focused on:

  • Uncovering your emotional triggers and how to listen to them to prevent binge eating
  • Learning how to eat mindfully to listen to your body and what it needs.
  • Discovering your food triggers to create an actionable plan for success.
  • Understanding the benefits of healthy substitutes and how to be prepared
  • Breaking free from restriction and negative thought processes 

Your content will be delivered via email every 4 days giving you all the tools you need to push through your emotional eating barriers. On top of that you will also have access to me personally via a private Facebook Group solely dedicated to Unlocking Your Emotional Eating. I will be available to answer any questions and guide you through your own personal journey.

Join now for only $257

(normally $375)

Hi, I’m Rosemary

I’ve been in the Fitness & Wellness Industry for over seventeen years now working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and innovator of new programs and workshops for both clients and staff. I’ve worked as a lecturer in Fitness, Sport and Wellness for fourteen of those years, developing curriculum and training students wanting to enter these fields as a career. My years of travelling and working globally presented many opportunities to learn about other cultures and their approach to health and wellness. I now bring these experiences and knowledge to my programs to help educate for wellness, longevity and empowerment in ones life.

My qualifications include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a Master Practitioner, Coach, Therapist and Trainer. NLP teaches people how their mindset programs trigger their emotional reactions and behaviours in everyday life. As an NLP coach I’ve studied how the brain works from both a neurological and psychological level. Changing our programs is not about willpower; it’s about becoming aware of your triggers and addressing the core of the problem, not just the symptoms. Reprogramming your mindset is the first step to changing your emotions which then change your habits and behaviours.

As a Reiki Master I also work holistically with clients assisting them to connect with their mind and spirit to bolster their new healthy lifestyles. This practice aids in healing emotionally, mentally and physically.

Want to finally unlock your emotional eating to feel free?

Join now for only $257

As part of the program you will also receive this amazing BONUS content to boost your ability to cut the junk from your life.

  • Emotional Eating Work Book – An 11 page workbook to kick-start your healthier eating habits that also includes a BONUS “Gradual But Great 7 Day Goal Planner”
  • A Mood and Food Journal – To discover the moods that are linked to the foods you eat on a daily basis
  • Taming your Triggers Work Book – We’ll discover new ways of actioning our triggers in a healthier way
  • Healthy Substitutes Recipe Book – My top recipes for transitioning out of emotional eating
  • Release Your Restrictions Guide – Understand how to rid yourself of restriction for good!

Let me ask you this…

Do you ever eat when you’re not really that hungry?

Do you find you eat more when you’re stressed?

Do you sometimes eat to feel better?

Do you get sudden cravings for particular foods often?

Have you ever rewarded yourself with food?       

If you answered yes to only one or all of these just know that we all use food to deal with emotions and stress but that is ok! I am going to help you understand WHY you do this so you can finally be in control of your eating patterns.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Finally break free from your food triggers
  • Start having a healthier relationship with food
  • Need support from someone to finally kick the cravings

You’ll get instant access to your 11 Page Emotional Eating Work Book as well as my 1:1 support in the Private Facebook Group.

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